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Member Home Pages

Members have a home page that is similar to other popular social networking sites, which contains profile information, a news feed where all of your posts are shown, links to the home pages of your favorite members ("peeps"), links to your photo galleries and more. This part of the website is for registered family members only. The following information applies only to members.

At Stitzweb, when you add someone as a peep, they don't have to respond. You can peep or unpeep other members any time you want, all it means is that you have a link to that member's home page on your home page. This way it's easier to visit them when you want to. Any member can post on any other member's home page, and comment or reply to their posts without being a peep. Keep in mind that this is a family site and it isn't open to the general public, so for now there isn't a way to block other members from interacting with you. If that becomes needed, it will be added in the future.

Privacy is a big issue when using the internet, especially on social network sites. You should always be concerned about your personal information being seen by others, and Stitzweb is no different. Although we are only for family, your personal data such as your phone number, address, email and birthday are automatically kept secret unless you choose to make them public. You have the option of making each peice of information totally secret, only visible to those who you have selected as peeps, or visible to any member who visits your home page. It's entirely up to you.

When you first register, all of your information is automaticly set to private. You have to go into settings and make the changes yourself if you want to share the info. Remember that even if you choose to share it, non-family visitors still won't have any access to the information. That whole section of the website is invisible to non-members. In the unlikely event that a person does misrepresent himself/herself and gain membership, we collect certain information about every user such as IP address and a verified email address that can be used by law enforcement agencies to identify and prosecute the offender. If you suspect that someone isn't being honest about who the are, please use the contact form and voice your concerns.

Since this is a family site, you should always keep in mind that your parents, grandparents, aunts, etc. might be reading everyting that you post. For that reason, we require that you adhere to a code of conduct that doesn't include much vulgarity. This isn't a public site, it's only for family discussions about family matters like the reunion, recipes, etc. When discussing family problems, please leave the drama somewhere else.