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Welcome to Stitzweb

Stitzweb has changed many times since its creation in 2007, it began as a static information site with just a couple pages and evolved into an online community much like other social networking sites. Now because of lack of members and interest by the family as a whole, the member area is closed. There is still the old family tree and members still have access to their family email address, for those who are signed up.

The webmail is now available through a free web app called NOCC. Members just need to log in using their full email address and password, and it works with both stitzweb and semosg email addresses. If you don't have a yourname@stitzweb.com (or semosg.com) and would like one, please use the contact form to let me know.

The links page is still being maintained because of popularity. There are links to some of the most popular places on the web including news outlets, weather sites, social networks and more. Links open in a new tab so when you're done browsing just close the tab and you'll be right back on the links page again. If you have a suggestion for a new link or changes to what's there, please use the contact form.

Because the member area is closed, I'll be reworking it in my spare time, giving the site a facelift of sorts to make it "mobile friendly". Today people who access the internet do so with their cell phones more than any other device. If you have an account, you may still be able to log in and use the site with limited functionality. If so and you have any interest in helping improve the site, you can use the contact form to let me know what features you want, what's broken, poorly designed, etc. Input from users is the best way for me to know what people want.