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The Stitz Family Website

If you are a genealogical researcher, please use the "Tree" link above. There's a wealth of information that you may browse for research. As a guest to the site, you will only have access to information of people who have been deceased for 100 years or more. This is the limit that Stitzweb requires before we release genealogical information of family members in our online tree.

Registered family members have full access to the entire family tree, a personal email address, a customizable links page and a home page that's similar to other social media sites, where the family can discuss reunion ideas and plans in private. We added this feature because we are aware of the dangers of using public social sites to discuss family business such as the annual reunion. Here we can talk about anything we want without worrying about the whole world being able to see it. It is for this reason that you must verify your email address and wait for an admin to enable your new account before you have access to the actual family online community site. This vetting process might also require us to contact you to help us place you in our tree.

If you are a family member, please keep in mind that there is a separate registration for the main website and the family tree. This is because we created the website but we are using a free script for our family tree and we haven't integrated the two logins together into one yet. If you choose to register for both, please use the same username and personal information so it will be easier for us to combine the two later.

The free email address is also only for registered members of the main website, and must be requested using the contact form or by directly contacting the website admin (Richard Stitz). You may use your email address with email clients like Outlook, Evolution and Thunderbird, or you can use the webmail portal on this site instead if you like.